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More muscle mass = Higher metabolism

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Increase metabolism by building more muscle mass. So, you found yourself an awesome Personal Trainer, and you're working your ass off.

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At least once a week you meet and work towards your goals. You've been on the road for a few weeks and you're really starting to see some results. Not only do you feel fitter, but you also see in the mirror that you have lost some fat mass, and muscles are starting to become more visible. Always a nice bonus, of course, if you get a little tighter in your body, but there are more benefits to a stronger body.


There are many stories about the mythical metabolism. Everyone has heard or said, “I'm gaining weight because my metabolism is too slow!” Of the lucky ones: “I can eat anything because I have a fast metabolism!” Good for you, secretly we all want what you have ;-)

But what about really? What is correct about this and what is not?

Our body has a certain composition, which is related to your metabolism. Your muscle mass (along with your organs) is your 'fat-free mass'. This lean body mass demands energy from your body. The energy your organs need is not affected by the composition of your body. The energy your muscles need does. And that's important!

The more muscle you have, the more energy your body needs to maintain it. In other words:

your body burns more calories at rest with more muscles.

It is difficult to say exactly how much that makes a difference. What we do know from research is that muscle mass uses almost 3 times as much energy as fat. That sounds a lot, but it turns out to be very relative.

For example, 10 kilos of fat per day consumes only 45 calories, and 10 kilos of muscle mass 135 calories.

This only becomes interesting when the difference between fat mass and muscle mass increases.

Body Composition

Calorie Burn

25 kilos of muscle + 25 kilos of fat

438 kcal

35 kilos of muscle + 15 kilos of fat

​523 kcal

45 kilos of muscle + 5 kilos of fat

​608 kcal

The difference between the highest and lowest outcome here is 170 calories, which you burn extra in a day without having to do anything extra for it. Doesn't sound like much, does it?

And yet it can make a big difference. On an annual basis you burn 61,880 extra calories!

And if you know that 1 kilo of body fat equals 7,700 calories, you can immediately reason that that 'small' 170 kcal per day, saves you 8 kilos of body fat per year!

Want to build extra muscle mass? Request a free trial session with our personal trainers. They can provide you with personalized advice and are happy to think along with you.

Would you like the best possible workout, tailored to your body and your goals? Our trainers are specially trained for this and come to your location when it is most suitable for you. This can be at home, or on a location outside, such as during your lunch break at the office or in a park nearby. Our trainers are certified, and speak both English and Dutch. And especially for women we have ‘Ladies Only’. Sports coaching for women, given by women. Also for guidance during a pregnancy or after childbirth.

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