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Beyond the Gym: Exploring Amsterdam's Best Outdoor Workout Spots

Amsterdam is a city designed for active living. With beautiful parks, scenic canals, and a commitment to fitness, ditching the gym for a breath of fresh air is a no-brainer. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to exercise, is here to help you take advantage of Amsterdam's incredible outdoor fitness scene.

A woman stretching before park workout

Top Spots for an Outdoor Sweat Session

  • Vondelpark: The heart of Amsterdam's outdoor fitness. Endless running trails, dedicated workout areas, and ample green space for all kinds of workouts.

  • Flevopark:  Escape the city bustle with this eastside gem. Waterfront views, a dedicated calisthenics park, and quieter trails for focused workouts.

  • Westerpark:  A vibrant spot with a raw, industrial vibe. Think pull-up bars, climbing structures, and plenty of space for bodyweight movements.

  • Your Neighborhood Canals: Often overlooked, the canal paths lace through Amsterdam, offering scenic running or walking routes. Outdoor Workout Ideas for Every Level

  • Beginner: Start with brisk walks in any of the parks, gradually adding short jogging intervals. Explore playground equipment for simple bodyweight exercises (modified push-ups on benches, squats, etc.).

  • Intermediate:  Join a park bootcamp for group motivation. Take advantage of calisthenics parks for structured bodyweight workouts.

  • Advanced:  Challenge yourself with longer runs along the canals, incorporate sprints or interval training in the parks. Bring resistance bands or a TRX system for added strength training outdoors.

Benefits of Training Outdoors

  • Fresh Air & Vitamin D: Mood-boosting benefits from sunlight exposure.

  • Variety:  Avoid workout boredom by changing up your scenery.

  • Community:  Connect with other fitness enthusiasts in the parks.

  • Free!: Enjoy the best of Amsterdam without the gym fees.

Ready to Take Your Workouts Outside? trainers are experts at tailoring outdoor workouts for any fitness level. We'll meet you at your favorite park or help you discover a new hidden gem.

Contact us to start your outdoor fitness adventure! 

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