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Personal training

Personal training at your location, indoor or outdoor. Alone with the trainer, or together with your sports buddy during a duo training.  The price remains the same, so a sports buddy can train for free!

The trainer takes all materials with you and helps you achieve your goals in a safe and structured manner. Success guaranteed!

Ladies Only

A female personal trainer who can find the best alignment for customized training based on knowledge and experience. Attuned to your possibilities, she helps you safely push your limits and achieve your goals. Indoor or outdoor, at your location.  

A sports buddy can participate in sports for free! 

Personal training after pregnancy

Our Ladies Only trainers have extensive experience in training during pregnancy and after childbirth. Safe training is the basis and from there you work on your goals.


The postnatal training sessions are aimed at general recovery - including pelvic floor - and help you get fit again and feel good about yourself! 

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